• Today will be another relatively warm day with yesterday the first day of the year in Shetland with the temperature in double figures. The top temperature yesterday was14 degrees, and that was in Baltasound with the top temperature in Lerwick 12 point 1 degrees. Baltasound had the biggest range of temperature, from a wintery 5 point 6 degrees in the early hours of yesterday to the summery 14 degrees in the early afternoon.

  • For the third time in just over a week the coastguard in Shetland has coordinated a medical evacuation from the Mariner field, about 70 nautical miles east-south-east of Sumburgh.

  • After Tavish Scott raised the issue in question time in the Scottish parliament yesterday, Scottish government ministers are to press the UK agriculture minister Michael Gove to visit Aberdeen to see, and to understand the importance of, the livestock system used on NorthLink ferries.

  • White fish landings today were below average with 5 boats, all local, landing about 1050 boxes.

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