• The Lerwick coastguard rescue team arrived at Hay's Dock in Lerwick harbour at 4 AM this morning. This was to help the police in the recovery of a bullet shell or a rifle casing spotted on the seabed by a member of the public.

  • Two dive boats, the 22 metre Valkyrie and the 20 metre Valhalla, a former Loyal class fleet tender, are back in Lerwick harbour from Scappa Flow to provide diving opportunities in the seas around Lerwick.

  • Shetland’s schools will start to reopen on Tuesday with five smaller schools opening to all pupils and the other schools phasing in pupils in stages.

  • There is more bad news for operator Hurricane Energy in the Lancaster early production system field 65 nautical miles west of Sandness.

  • White fish box landings: So far today 9 boats, 8 local, have been landing about 1700 boxes. The landings so far this week are about 5700 boxes.

  • 25 people from over most of Shetland have signed a letter to the Shetland Islands Council complaining that disenfranchisement appears to be occurring on a regular basis within the council.

  • Graeme Howell has said that the Shetland Arts Development Agency is extremely grateful to receive just under 248 thousand pounds from the Scottish government’s Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund.

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