• Beatrice Wishart has encouraged a full course of vaccinations in childhood as she commented on the incident from the evening of Monday the 7th of October to the morning of Tuesday the 8th of October when about 240 passengers and crew on the NorthLink ferry Hrossey, travelling from Aberdeen to Lerwick, could have been exposed to a passenger with measles.

  • There is no evidence so far that anyone else has developed the symptoms, despite Shetland having the lowest immunisation rate in Scotland. In November 2016 NHS Shetland warned that in Shetland almost one in five children was not fully immunised before they started school and that this was putting those children at risk of catching potentially serious illnesses, including measles.

  • A bit of a spat is building up between Alistair Carmichael and Jamie Halcro Johnston, although both support the union of the United Kingdom. Alistair Carmichael has issued an open letter to Scottish Conservative members of parliament calling on them to reject Boris Johnson’s Brexit proposal since this would create a border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom. But Jamie Halcrow Johnson told Alistair Carmichael to “stop playing political games” and to get behind Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

  • Pelagic fish landings: The Norwegian Vibeke Helene is landing mackerel.

  • There has been another tow underway from east of Fair Isle involving two of the dozens of small to medium Norwegian pelagic boats that have been fishing off Shetland in recent weeks, some of them landing mackerel at Lerwick.

  • One of the two coastguard helicopters based at Sumburgh was scrambled to go to a production installation in the Gryphon field, about 92 nautical miles east-south-east of Sumburgh.

  • Recent whale deaths, injuries and strandings through rope entanglement has draw attention to the need for coast vistors to be on the look out for all animals entangled in rope as well as netting and plastic bands. There is believed to be at least five seals in Shetland seen with rope, netting or plastic entangled around their necks, but it is difficult to get near them to remove the material, since, on being approached, they usually take flight.

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