• The member of the Scottish parliament for Orkney, Liam McArthur, has again asked the Scottish government to speed up the legal work to implement the Road Equivalent Tariff on the NorthLink services. So far the services to Shetland have been allowed a temporary discount, introduced early in the summer, but not the full tariff rebate, while the Orkney services have been allowed nothing, because of the competition complication of two operators across the Pentland Firth to Orkney.

  • Passengers travelling on the NorthLink passenger ferries can now download a range of latest newspapers and magazines to their mobile devices.

  • The floating production, storage and offloading vessel Aoka Mizu is in the Gulf of Oman, and is soon to be entering the Arabian Sea, after leaving the shipyard in Dubai last Thursday. The Aoka Mizu, refurbished in Gdansk and Dubai, is heading for the Suez Canal while on the way to the Lancaster EPS field, 50 nautical miles west of Shetland. There it will be connected, several months behind schedule, to the yellow coloured turret mooring system buoy, manufactured by Drydocks World in Dubai, which was at Mair’s South in Lerwick harbour in July.

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