• It is only five weeks on Monday that the move to the new high school in Lerwick will have been completed. The years S4, S5 and S6 start at the new school on Friday the 27th of October and S1, S2 and S3 on Monday the 30th of October.

  • This past Thursday a Pickfords Removals team arrived in Shetland, delivering boxes and crates around the present high school. Over the next few weeks those boxes and crates will be filled with current teaching materials and pupils’ work for eventual transfer to the new school.

  • The police in Shetland are making enquiries to damage caused to a black coloured Toyota Yaris car, which was parked at the Lerwick Co-op car park on Holsmgarth Road.

  • The eighth Shetland Wool Week is starting today for a nine-day celebration of Shetland’s textile heritage and wool and crofting communities. The sold-out opening ceremony takes place this evening at the Clickimin Centre.

  • About 80 students attendied the Shetland College UHI higher education graduation yesyerday and the further education award ceremony yesterday evening, both at Mareel.

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