• Shetland has become one of the most pro-remain parts of the UK in the European parliament elections, with the remain parties taking 68% of the vote. The pro-remain parties of Liberal-Democrat, SNP, Green and Change UK took 68.0% of the vote and the pro-Brexit parties of Brexit and UKIP took 21.9%.

  • As predicted on Friday, turnout in Shetland was up by 40% to 39.6% with top party Lib-Dems 29.6% followed by SNP 25.9%, Brexit 19.7%, Scottish Greens 11.3%, Conservative & Unionist 5%, Labour 4.5%, UKIP 2.2%, Change UK 1.2% and the 2 independents.

  • Scotland's six new members of the European parliament will be the SNP's Alyn Smith, Christian Allard and Aileen McLeod, the Brexit Party‚Äôs Louis Stedman-Bruce, the Liberal Democrats' Sheila Ritchie and the Conservatives' Baroness Nosheena Mobarik.

  • There has been another incident of careless overtaking, this time on Sound Brae. It was reported to the police that at around 11 AM yesterday two cyclists were overtaken very closely by a blue coloured car in face of an oncoming vehicle.

  • The Yell Sound ferry service is back to the normal two vessel timetable today, after being reduced to a single vessel timetable on Friday afternoon and Friday evening.

  • White fish landings today were above average with 9 boats, all local, landing about 2700 boxes.

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