• With rain, drizzle and some wintry showers freezing on the ground there is ice and black ice around.

  • After above average white fish box landings during October, November continued the trend, and half way through the month last year’s record of 3 hundred and 57 thousand boxes had been broken, making this year already a record year.

  • The Scottish Fishermen’s Federation has urged UK government ministers to rule out a long Brexit transition for the fishing industry to ensure clarity for UK fishing fleets as they leave the Common Fisheries Policy.

  • The coastguard helicopter based at Sumburgh, Rescue 900, was scrambled yesterday to go to Fetlar on behalf of the ambulance service.

  • The 20 year old, 40 metre, Norwegian-registered live fish carrier Viking Gripfisk was back in service yesterday afternoon and on its way from Scalloway to Stornoway.

  • White fish landings today were above average with 12 boats, 6 local, landing about 1900 boxes.

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