• The Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, which has had Shetland as a member for years, and will continue to do so until Brexit, has called on the European Union and the UK government to make sure that the interests of peripheral maritime regions are taken into account during the Brexit negotiations.

  • The new Port of Sullom Voe tug, the Multratug 29, is due next week from the Dutch port of Terneuzen.

  • The Aith lifeboat has arrived at Inverness, via Kirkwall, while on the way to Girvan via the Caledonian Canal to be fitted with new fuel efficient and environmentally friendly MTU engines.

  • Alistair Carmichael has commented after the Scottish Parliament voted in favour for Article 30 and a second independence referendum in Scotland.

  • Four-piece modern rock band Sidewinder won this year’s Shetland Young Promoters Group annual Battle of the Bands.

  • White fish landings today were about average with 3 boats, all local, landing about 1400 boxes.

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