• The Brexit party has decided not to field a candidate in the by-election for the Scottish parliament constituency of Shetland, although it had previously intended to do so. This leaves the total intending to stand at a record of eight, with a third independent considering standing and making the total nine.

  • Bressay is to have a healthcare facility which can be used by a range of professionals. This would be for healthcare appointments, clinics such as flu immunisation and health improvement activities such as smoking cessation and weight management support.

  • Due in Lerwick harbour, at Victoria Pier West from tonight, while on a cruise which has included Bergen, is the 45 metre Polish sail-training gaff-schooner Kapitan Borchardt. The vessel was built in the Netherlands in 1918 as the sail cargo-vessel Nora, the first of nine different names over the years.

  • The Prospect union member air traffic controllers working for Highlands and Islands Airports Limited are in the middle of their three day series of 24 hour strikes with today the airports of Sumburgh, Kirkwall and Wick .

  • A retired man who bought a cabin cruiser from Shetland, under the understanding that it still had two years left of its five-year certificate to operate commercially has learned that this is not the case.

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